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If you will not satisfied by IDoBlog, within 30 days from date of purchase, we will refund your money.

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The IDoBlog CE 2.0 base pack

The base build of IDoBlog Community 2.0 includes a component in a standard template, and basic modules.


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IDoBlog Community 2.0 versions

IDoBlog with linkback to our website: "I do blog with IDoBlog".

IDoBlog CE 2.0 without any linkback


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or ask questions before you buy


Buy this version now

or ask questions before you buy

If you need additional license for another 1 site, you can buy it for just $8,
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Distribution and licensing

Read the full text of the License. If you have any questions about IDoBlog licensing, please ask them here.

You have the right to:

You do not have the right to:

    • Use IDoBlog Community 2.0 on 1 site
    • Update IDoBlog for free within major version (for example — all 2.x.x versions)
    • Configure it by yourself or with someone's help any unencrypted files to suit your needs
    • Develop your own modules
    • Use IDoBlog without any time limitations
    • Distribute the component or derived things from it
    • Make changes in the the encrypted files
    • Remove any copyrights that are placed in IDoBlog, both in admin and in frontend

What kind of guarantee we give and what do not give

Please note that under the terms of the License IDoBlog CE 2.0 is delivered "as is". We not give any guarantees and accepts no obligation to support the updating component and leave all these questions at its discretion.

This in no way means that you will be one on one with your problems if they appears. On the contrary, we not only solve the technical problems of customers, regularly releasing updates. But bugs and continuously monitor and keep the development of new functionality, which you can verify by looking at our club developers, testers and users IDoBlog.

Olshanskaya Anna: "Support - one of the main advantages of IDoBlog. I like the principle - I do not just ask a question and ask the help I can offer options for development and I know that they will hear me. Otherwise I would not chose IDoBlog".

As the statistics shows that most appeals to the support not directly related to the IDoBlog CE 2.0. Compatibility issues with other components, with the hosting settings, templates, etc. - we not solving it.

Read the hosting requirements for Joomla! CMS, watch video lessons. If you found a bug in the component - write us. We will hold the primary diagnosis and, if the error is on our side, all problems will be solved in working order, as soon as possible will be realized a corrected version. You will be noticed about it through the our newsletter and you can download it in the Download section.

Once again: you get it "as is". Therefore, any services, unrelated directly to performance component, paid for separately. You can immediately order the installation and configuration services IDoBlog CE 2.0 and have a working, customized component on your site.

Still in doubt? IDoBlog for local testing will helps

We understand that the purchase of a software is always associated with doubts. You do not know whether it would be to work with what is already working components on your site. Or do you want to know how IDoBlog will appear in your template. The reasons may be different. Therefore, we decided that you would prefer, if we give you IDoBlog and you all test by yourself. To do this you will need to download IDoBlog for local testing version. All made as usual installer for Windows and you only need to start the installation. All necessary operations will be performed automatically and in a few minutes you will get ready for the work site on Joomla! with the IDoBlog already installed. For getting local IDoBlog version, please go to "Demo" section.


In order to finally overcome your doubts, we give the best guarantee of what you can give. If within 30 days of purchase, you are for some reason decide that IDoBlog is not the best solution. As a whole tone of opportunities that it opens, for you are useless. You can tell us about their disappointment, and delete all files permanently, with a full 100% refund. In doing so, we will not require you any explanation. But most likely you will never be able to purchase any of our products. In order not to spend time each other in the future.